Keeping Warm
Published:  17 October, 2008

The chilly nights have been here for a few weeks but now they're bringing us frosty mornings to wake up to. Mothers and fathers are thinking about wrapping their babies in soft fleece blankets, faux fur hats and mitten gloves to protect them from the colder air.

Babies hands and feet are generally much cooler than the rest of their bodies, as the blood circulates mostly around the vital organs. Most parents still want their babies and toddlers to enjoy the fun of being outside so clothing that offers a warmth and comfort at an affordable price will always sell. It's a great time to stock up on children's waterproofs from pvc dungarees to fleece-lined zipped all-in-one suits with feet, as these are highly practical especially for youngsters who are running about one minute and fast asleep in a pushchair the next.

And even indoors as fuel prices remain high, it makes good sense for the whole family to wear warmer clothes and reduce the amount of fossil fuels we're using. Lambs wool is ideal as it keeps the heat in yet is self-regulating so a baby won't become too hot. Manmade fabrics such as polyester are not ideal as they don't allow the air to circulate, so overheating can occur. Opt for natural fabrics such as cotton and silk weaves, which are more beneficial to the skin.      

Keeping a baby at the right temperature at night, is key to helping eveyone sleep better.

A cold child will always wake up, so advise using the ‘foot to feet' method of positioning the baby low down in the cot with blankets careful wrapped over them so they don't get ‘lost' under the covers and they don't kick the covers off. This is also recommended to help prevent SIDS.

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